About me

“I really love my work and feel very privileged to be allowed to drop in on people’s lives to help tell their amazing and unique stories”            

23 years experience in the film industry shooting high end broadcast documentaries, arts, corporate, drama and timelapse sequences

Experienced operating cranes,dollies,cable dollies and image stabilising systems

Worked in 40 countries around the world

Current camera setup :  Sony FS7 / full set EF zooms+primes / grip / wireless hd monitor / lights / Gimbal

Other skills include Photographer, Self Shooter, Editor ( Premier Pro), City in Guilds Bricklayer.





My editor keeps saying ‘wow’ … I’ve not heard him say that much to rushes before.

Julie Heathcote / Creative Director / Factory Films


The great thing about working with Andy is that he guarantees high-end cinematography, even in the most challenging and hostile of environments.  His composition and natural ability with the jib and dolly always add real value on screen. On location Andy’s temperament, professionalism and enthusiasm to achieve the best results is second to none. The biggest compliment to Andy’s work is that the first question I often get asked after viewings or transmission is “who was your DOP?”

Tom Dumican / Director & Producer 


Always enjoy working with Andy. Incredible under pressure and never fails to deliver. Its a pleasure cutting Andy’s footage because you always find buckets of exciting cut-aways you hadn’t even realised he had shot.

Dave Denny | Director | BBC Features


I’m fussy when it comes to choosing a DoP – this, after all, is the person to whom I entrust my vision of the film; the person responsible for turning months of planning into fantastic rushes.  This is also the person with whom I will inevitably spend much time – working, travelling and socialising.

The fact I’ve worked with Andy for over ten years is testament to how highly I regard him as a person and his work.  His composition is second to none, his work ethic exemplary, his technical knowledge extensive and, perhaps most importantly, he’s a pleasure to work alongside no matter how difficult the situation or tight the deadline.

Adrian MacFarlane | Freelance Series Director


Andy is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with – I’d recommend him to anyone. He is fantastic under pressure, always gets you the cutaways you end up needing in the edit and puts a huge amount of care and thought into making things look as beautiful as possible in any environment. He’s also a thorough nice person to spend time with and is charming and sensitive with interviewees and contributors as well as directors! I’d happily work with him on any type of programme.

Sarah Sarkhel | Freelance Director | BBC / Channel 4


I’ve used Andy on many projects and he is undoubtedly my preferred DOP. He’s got a wealth of experience and his background as a photographer really shows. He adds value to each production and works very much in collaboration with Directors. Colleagues always comment on the quality of his footage; thoughtfully composed and visually spot on with what we are trying to achieve. 

Andy is easy to get along with, always hard working and engaged. He is also technically very proficient with a comprehensive understanding of which cameras, lenses and kit are most appropriate. 

He’s always done beautiful work for me and I’d recommend him highly. 

Rita Shamia | Creative Director/Executive Producer | Peachy Media 


Andy is a thoroughly nice bloke; he’s highly collaborative, has a strong aesthetic, he’s hard-working, consistent in his delivery, ever-patient and always got time for a laugh. What more can I say? Book him!

Alan Gardner | Director | MCM