True Speed -True Stories / Suited and Booted Productions

Director : Sara Strickland

Owain, one of our customers describes life in Priston village and how TrueSpeed have provided ultra fast broadband to Priston.

“Fibre-optic delivers appropriate connectivity for the twenty first century, so you need fibre optic and the only way we could have got it is through TrueSpeed.”

The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems | Suited and Booted Productions

Director : Tim Fernandez

Delivering future generations of clean and efficient vehicles. The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS) will be a new research and innovation facility based at the Bristol and Bath Science Park. It will be industry-led and compete on a global scale to deliver future generations of advanced propulsion systems.

Celebrating our Community : Bath University | Suited and Booted Productions

Director : Tim Fernandez

A short film for the University’s 50th Anniversary showcasing how and why our close knit community matters when it comes to innovations in research, learning and teaching.

Turbine Festival 2015 | Tate Shots

In July 2015 the Turbine Festival in Tate Modern saw the Turbine Hall became a playground for all sort or artistic activities and everyone was invited. Here’s some highlights for those who missed out.

Bloomberg Philanthropies | Tate Shots

Interactive digital projects connecting visitors, art and artists.

Nicola L’s Red Coat – Same Skin for Everybody | TateShots

Director: Susan Doyon

Artist Nicola L was born in Mazagan, Morocco in 1937 and now lives and works in New York City. Since the mid-1960s her work has interrogated the female body as an instrument and object.

The Red Coat strips the ‘body’ of any particular identity and immerses the wearers in a communal performance to declare the peaceful notion – ‘Same Skin for Everybody’.

Stripped Bare | Factory Films | C4

Director : Julie Heathcote

A series exploring how make-up helps people to define who they are. We watch as 6 people with strikingly different looks make up just half of their face, whilst interviews reveal why it’s become a crucial part of who they are.

The Gift / Rodena Productions

Director : Alan Gardner

13 minute short film about love and loss.