Manet : The man who invented modern art | ZCZ Films | BBC2

Director : Waldemar Januszczak

As the reluctant father of Impressionism, and the painter of Dejeuner sur LHerbe, he can probably be cited as inventing modern art. But his story is also fascinating on so many other levels. Manet was a born rebel, in life as well as art. Cited as the father of the Impressionisim, he stubbornly refused to show with Monet, Renoir and their contemporaries, and was careful to maintain an aesthetic distance from them. They worshipped him. He looked down on them. Using the life of Manet as his narrative arc, Waldemar Januszczak, tells the story of a complex and difficult man who started a revolution that continues to rumble on today. Manets full story has never been told in a major television documentary ; Januszczak now rights that wrong.