Thinking imaginatively together | 5x5x5

Director : Andrew Kemp

In 5x5x5, the process, rather than the end product, is always the main focus – ‘we are researching the children researching the world’. Children are given the opportunity to explore their own themes and questions and encouraged to create their own lines of enquiry. Thorough documentation of the children’s thoughts, feelings and ideas forms the basis of projects: responsive planning is used to develop and pursue further ideas. Adults and children are involved in recording and reflecting on the children’s learning through written observations, photos and video. It is usually parents who join in to help document and their role is crucial as a partner in the research, working alongside the children, artists, teachers and cultural centres.

Artist Edwina Bridgeman works alongside the educators, following the ideas of the children, led by their explorations and their thinking. In 2012 the provocation was Edwina’s exhibition ‘Shelter’ at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. Edwina is a visual artist who uses found materials to transform and tell stories. Edwina talked to each class and all educators about her work and ideas of home, special places and what they meant to the children. Children worked in sketchbooks to collect visual information and then developed their own ideas back at school. They worked in a range of media, creating drawings, sculptures and paintings, culminating in an exhibition in the school art space.