Julius Caesar Revealed / BBC1 / LION TV

Director : Alex Leith • Executive Producer Caterina Turroni

Julius Caesar is the most famous Roman of them all: brutal conqueror, dictator and victim of a gruesome assassination on the Ides of March 44 BC. 2,000 years on, he still shapes the world.

Mary Beard is on a mission to uncover the real Caesar, and to challenge public perception. She seeks the answers to some big questions. How did he become a one-man ruler of Rome? How did he use spin and PR on his way to the top? Why was he killed?

Stealing Van Gogh / BBC2 / Lion TV

Director: Julian Hendy • Exec Producer: Bill Locke, Lisa Hazelhurst

Andrew Graham-Dixon confronts the worlds of high art and seriously organised crime to uncover the true story behind the greatest art heist of the 21st century. In December 2002, two priceless and historically important paintings were stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, in a brutal and audacious robbery by experienced, professional thieves.

Great Fire of London

Director: Stuart Elliot, Luke Korzon Martin • Series Producer Sarah Sarkel

Dan Jones, Suzannah Lipscomb and Rob Bell take a fresh look at the Great Fire of London in 1666 by walking the actual route the fire took across the city, hour-by-hour and street-by-street, hoping to uncover what really happened during Britain’s worst inferno.

Rellik / BBC1 / Peter Anderson Studios

Director: Peter Anderson

The drama’s innovative storyline unfolds backwards and our title sequence plays with this mechanism in abstract manner. The sequence is constructed from obscured clues, captured moments on a home video camera and half forgotten memories all stylised with a digital DIY aesthetic and all alluding to the past and present of the killer.


Director: Ross Young • Producer: Sarah Sarkel

In this new six-part series, we explore one of the most varied and surprising countries in the world – China. From the remote mountains and ethnic diversity of the South-West, to the frozen lands of the North-East, from arid deserts to teeming cities, our team travel the length and breadth of the country unearthing stories of modern China. 

Jing Lusi and Jason Lai find out how people all over China are facing the challenges of the future while preserving the traditions of their past.

Fugitive Black Ops | WMR | ITV Studios

Director : Oscar Chan

This series tells the true stories of America’s most thrilling and spectacular manhunts. Each one is a race to catch vicious gangsters, drug barons and arms dealers who thought they were beyond the reach of the law. Each film has all the drive and immersion of a Hollywood thriller – but these are real stories with real people.

The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems | Suited and Booted Productions

Director : Tim Fernandez

Delivering future generations of clean and efficient vehicles. The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS) will be a new research and innovation facility based at the Bristol and Bath Science Park. It will be industry-led and compete on a global scale to deliver future generations of advanced propulsion systems.

Lily Cole Art Matters | Anthony Gormley | Back2Back Productions | Sky Arts

Art Matters / Back2Back Productions / Sky Arts

Director: Susan Doyon

Lily Cole’s Art Matters will see Lily embark on a fascinating journey with renowned artists such as Tacita Dean and Christo, watching them at work in their studio, discussing their life and artistic processes, and getting closer than ever before to the people behind the art. Lily will accompany these artists to their places of inspiration as they discuss the genesis of their work and how their lives as artists really began.


Stripped Bare | Factory Films | C4

Director : Julie Heathcote

A series exploring how make-up helps people to define who they are. We watch as 6 people with strikingly different looks make up just half of their face, whilst interviews reveal why it’s become a crucial part of who they are.


Director : Tom Dumican

Ayamna is a poetic feature documentary that captures the national spirit of Qatar. Throughout the film human stories unfold within an abstract narrative structure that explores the range of human emotions and follows the natural chronology of time as it passes through the unstoppable forward moving path of a twenty-four hour day. Life’s mysterious and ever present contrasts are at the heart of this film, featuring stories of triumph and failure; of traditions and ambition; of despair and of hope; of the individual and of the community; of technology and of nature – while each stage of human life is considered as we all live and breathe through our journey from youth towards the inevitability of old age.